About Us

The North Carolina Public Risk Management Association (NCPRIMA) was founded in 1988 to serve public sector risk management and safety professionals throughout the state. We provide education, training, professional development, publications, and networking partnerships for our members through quarterly meetings and an annual conference.

NC PRIMA members administer risk management, safety and insurance issues for local and state government entities. Our mission is to promote the risk management profession through the provision of necessary tools, and educational and networking opportunities which help build and improve an organization’s risk management programs.

Our membership includes town/city/county governments, public utilities, local school districts, community colleges, housing authority, and various risk control and risk financing sponsors.

As a chapter of the Public Risk Management Association, we strive to help members develop internal policies to lower losses and maximize public funds and other resources through educational and networking opportunities.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management involves the identification and management of risks, and the financial application of resources to afford control of the probability and impact of unfortunate events, or to maximize the realization of opportunities.

Risks can stem from legal liabilities, project failures, natural disasters, accidents, or events which cannot be predicted. Risk management targets the many “what if” scenarios potentially faced by organizations.

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